The George Washington Commemorative Society of Jersey City (GWCSJC) is dedicated to preserving and memorializing the influence of George Washington, especially his activities in this area that supported the war for independence.

The GWCSJC is non-political. Membership is open to all without regard to  race, religion, gender or national and ethnic origin. Currently, there are no dues, only a requirement that you share our interest and participate in our events.  Until we establish a more formal membership application, please use the contact form.

Not many people associate Jersey City with the Revolutionary War and the activities of the Commander in Chief who lead us to independence.

That may be due to a few accidents of history, combined with contemporary circumstances.

Although the community now known as Jersey City is celebrating  the 350 years since its founding, it was originally called Bergen. So, right off, a certain continuity has been lost.

Another factor in the lack of awareness of our local history is that we are a successful gateway city that welcomes immigrants in their first generation but, in the second and third generation, exports them and their entire extended family as accomplished, educated and well-employed participants in the American Dream.

Few immigrant families linger here on our rough streets any longer than it takes to get the next generation through college and into a solid career. As a result, our local history, our seminal participation in the founding of this nation and the activities of George Washington’s brave patriots, get little attention around here.

The George Washington Commemorative Society of Jersey City hopes to correct those oversights.  We welcome the participation of all who are curious or knowledgeable on this topic.

Students, teachers, local officials, community and neighborhood organizations, as well as local residents are invited to join us and share in the effort.